Hospitality Week

We all have someone in our lives who we could show kindness to and share the Gospel with. For some of us, that might be a neighbor, a classmate, or a co-worker. This is your chance to intentionally reach out to that person and show hospitality to him or her. 

During the prior weeks of October 8th through November 4th, be in prayer for that person. Ask God to stir in that person's heart, a longing to know His Son's name! Also pray for God to soften that person's heart and for God to give you courage and the opportunity to either share the Gospel with your friend/s or invite them to church. During the week of Nov 5-11, show hospitality to your guest/s by inviting them over for a meal. Finally, seize the opportunity to invite them to service on Sunday, Nov 12th.

The service on this Sunday, Nov 12th will be dedicated to welcoming the visitors who were invited through Hospitality Night.

Yejin Oh